Rebecca Wood, Potter and Artist

Welcome to Impressions, a new series for The Seed & Plate. Impressions gathers thoughts, stories and wishes from people who inspire us. Open-ended prompts unfold glimpses into moments of influence and treasured memories along an individual’s path. 

Rebecca Wood came to Athens, Georgia in 1975 and unexpectedly grew one of the largest pottery studios in America. R Wood Studio Ceramics channels Rebecca's love for Southern beauty with colored pottery for the home in rustic shapes begging to set a dinner table filled with food and friends. 

Season: Signals of the season, set the scene

My favorite. The winds and the golds and reds and the backyard fires stir up my gypsy blood and my desire for adventure. When not adventuring, it's so much fun to get back to cold weather cooking.


Food: Something that nourishes you this time of year or the view from your kitchen

Soups, stews, and baked goods fill the air with memories and promise of goodness.


Career: Doubts, sacrifices, inspirations or victories that marked the trail of your success

I'm blessed to be able to follow my inner muse and have plenty of time for reflection. I do not think people in this busy world realize how important it is to allow for fallow, empty periods that allow our minds to relax and wander. Space that allows new conclusions and fosters the springing up of new ideas. Taking a walk in the fall woods is about the best way there is to relax and rejuvenate your mind and spirit. You might even have time to count your blessings...


Community: A moment when community or sense of place and role lifted you up

I always feel affirmed and lifted up when someone I don't even know tells me I have inspired them.


Impact: A vision, small or large, for your impact on the people around you

I always strive to support and encourage sweetness, creativity, and artistic vision wherever I can. These three things can lift us up so much.


Wisdom: The one thing no one told you that you wished you’d known sooner

I seem to learn everything in its time, one thing built on another. Wisdom comes from living and doing.

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