Jodi is from Atlanta, Georgia though she spent four of her most formative years in the rural town of Ft. White, Florida. Since childhood, she has been an impossibly picky eater and fed many a vegetable to her dogs to escape eating them herself. At the University of Georgia she majored in English and minored in Spanish and Environmental Law, where she cultivated a style of honest and evocative writing. While in school, she began working in a popular Athens restaurant where she learned to eat adventurously and to appreciate where the food comes from. After earning her masters in journalism, she moved back to Atlanta, where she now works as a writer for MailChimp.



Erin was born into a family of Yankees who transplanted to Georgia. Despite her Northern roots, she’s grown to be a proud Southern girl albeit still prefers sugar in her cornbread. She became interested in food and cooking in high school and college as a way to commune and as a form of creative expression. After earning a degree in Public Relations from the University of Georgia, she has been working at The National restaurant as the public relations director and front of house manager. Never able to be around food enough, she also has a small catering company called Wild Food and hosts her ladies every Monday night for small feasts and good talks. 


PAIGE FRENCH - creative director

Paige was born in the Midwest but has lived in the South for most of her life. She didn't fully appreciate the beauty of this culture and these people until she returned after being away for some time. She has grown to have a tremendous love for this land and is happy to call Athens her home. Paige lives a life of seeing beauty, enjoying community, meeting and working with other artists, and exploring natural elements and close relationships with her camera. She loves her husband and three beautiful girls, the life they share together, and her work. Paige shares more of her work at


Gresham Cash - Contributing Editor

If locality is defined by time spent in a location, Gresham is thoroughly Athenian. An entire lifetime in Georgia’s Classic City is responsible for shaping him into someone with a deep appreciation for music, writing, and art. However, at the University of Georgia, his studies involved another love of his: the natural world. Studying the relationships between plants and animals, water and soil, humans and the earth, Gresham has developed a keen sense of why it is important to know a little bit about our food and water. Both come from natural resources, and both provide humans with life. He suspects there is reason to contemplate this relationship.